Link Building

The most difficult part of SEO, but also the most valuable when done correctly

Modern Link Building & Digital PR

Don’t let the term “link building” scare you away from one of, if not the most effective way to drive SEO results for your website. 

Link Building that’s done correctly in today’s day and age is essentially just Digital PR with different KPIs than the Digital PR of yesteryear.

Traditionally, Digital PR agencies would try to sell you on things like “total eyeballs” and “reach” which are not adequately measurable in the digital advertising world, nor are campaigns focusing on those areas going to net meaningful backlinks and SEO results.

By changing those KPIs to focus on links from the most relevant, highest value-driving websites in your niche, most Link Building/Digital PR campaigns can pay for themselves simply by quantifying the backlink value they produce, let alone brand awareness, exposure to new, relevant customers, and a whole slew of other benefits that come along with properly executed link campaigns.

As your brand builds its presence online and continues to create newsworthy content, it’s important to track the backlinks acquired via company content and news. 

A guide to hiring, measuring, and holding link building agencies accountable for medium to large enterprise-level businesses

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