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Our clients range from very large, industry-leading websites to the local corner bakery that’s been a staple in the community for decades. Our unique approach to creating and scaling processes, data, and our team, means no campaign is too big or too small. 

Let us hear your story, have you get to know a bit more about us, and we’ll find out together if Mago is the right partner.

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Mago FAQs

Here are some things prospective clients often ask us:

For campaigns, yes. For one-off projects, no.

The minimum monthly engagement for campaigns is $1,500 a month, which equates to a certain number of hours per month depending on the type of campaign. This is the minimum amount of time we’ve found that can still drive effective SEO results for some websites and not just maintain status quo. 

Yes. Our pricing with the exception of the blended campaign pricing is geared toward one-off projects. We will provide an hourly projection for each one-off SEO project and come back to you with an hours/cost estimate.

Once we engage in a project, Mago will not charge more than the max engagement cost unless there are unforeseen issues outside of Mago’s control. 

We assess your project needs and goals, and provide an hourly estimate for each category of support–Technical SEO, SEO Project Management, and Inhouse Team Building.

Once this is complete, we total up the hours and apply the appropriate hourly rate to each category and provide a project price.

From there, if for any reason Mago has to use more hours to accomplish what was in the initial quote, Mago will not charge anything additional. You heard that right–the price is capped at what is in the initial proposal!*

*with the sole exception of unforeseen circumstances that are in no way related to Mago. 

Example of what would cause a project’s billables to increase over the proposal amount: Client’s intern accidentally deletes all the meta data to each page and Mago has to build this from scratch instead of importing everything during a website migration.

Example of what would not cause an increase in billables on a given project: Mago underestimates the amount of time needed for keyword research, and has to put in an additional 15 hours over estimate to complete this portion of the project. Mago clearly screwed up, and will learn from this mistake and not charge the client for it 🙂

No. However, we are partnered with 32 Points Marketing, one of the best digital advertising and paid search agencies in the business.

We’ll make the introduction, and work hand-in-hand with you, your team, and 32pts to create a truly exceptional online marketing presence.

Not directly, no. However, we are partnered with an excellent Reputation Management and Reviews agency and can provide dual support–traditional SEO, along with reputation improvement and SERP suppression. 

Great question! SEO is, at its core, the definition of good brand marketing.

Sure, there are some specifics and nuances you need to know to do it right (like that whole “technical SEO” thing…), but at its core, anyone who has a deep understanding of branding can absolutely be a world-class SEO.

Mago has taken this to heart–most of the Mago Regulars completing your projects are Market Research experts–people who live and breathe brands and data and have countless years’ experience directly in that field. They are true experts at what they do and have represented major brands like Coca Cola

Ah, the beauty of Staffing on Demand! We vary, ranging from ~10 regulars (5-6 FT, the rest ~10-20hrs a week), to up to a few dozen plus depending on the current projects and needs.

We’re a network of entrepreneurs who are all experts in our field, and like a balloon we can expand to meet demand, or contract in times where a smaller headcount is needed.

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