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The Client & The Customer Come First

We are as invested in your brand's success as we are our own. Mago's goal is to create lasting partnerships with clients that have the potential to drive sustainable results.

Larger Network, Greater Results

We work with a worldwide network of experts we've cultivated over many years to deliver a final product that exceeds expectations, all at a price point that beats other agencies.

Less Overhead = Client Savings

We follow a Staffing on Demand model that's both highly flexible and scalable. This allows us to work alongside the right person for each portion of a project, ultimately passing the savings onto the client.

New Tech, Constant Innovation

A core pillar of Mago's strategy is fully embracing new technologies and tools. The world is moving exponentially faster and we do everything we can to implement the most effective processes possible, and we never stop tinkering to make them even better.

SEO Services

How can we help?

We serve a variety of businesses, from Fortune 500 to local operations. Unique challenges are our specialty.

Website Engineering

We work with your internal teams to fully engineer new websites and redesigns that perform well from day 1. Our website engineering approach sets a foundation to build on for years to come that requires few technical changes and outperforms competitor websites that were not built with SEO in mind.


Mago has worked with developers of all roles and skillsets to deliver websites that are perfectly engineered to perform in Organic Search. Front-end, Back-end--doesn't matter. We have the expertise to build a website that will outperform and outrank competitors for the long haul.

Technical SEO

Some of the best SEO/Marketing companies on the planet mess this part up, and it costs countless hours and expense to fix. Mago knows Technical SEO is vital, and we engineer (or re-engineer) every component on your website that's necessary to the build perfectly for users and SEO. The devil's in the details--we know that--and we provide detailed scoping and support to ensure the final product is revision-free.


Mago creates thousands of pages of well-crafted and well-ranking content for all varieties of clients every month. Our process is completely scalable with no loss of quality. We have mastered the processes behind hiring and managing expert writers, and implementing the content created in an efficient and streamlined manner.


Mago provides plug and play comprehensive reporting (SEO, Site Speed, and overall marketing performance) that traditionally costs thousands to set up via third-party websites. We do it for literally a fraction of the cost, and you own the reports and the data! Botify or JetOctopus requesting $10s of thousands a year? We can provide the same depth of reporting for much less in a matter of hours.


To be a great SEO provider, you have to have an intimate knowledge of the client's business and their customers. Deeply integrated usage of psychoanalysis techniques pioneered by Edward Bernas and world-class Market Research techniques from experienced industry leaders on the team make Mago the only SEO company properly combining psychological science with proven SEO results.

Case Studies

See our expertise in action. Admittedly, to “sell more” we would spend more time and energy publishing these Case Studies. The truth is, we aren’t focused on working with with “more” clients, we want the right clients. We put the time and effort in producing case studies when we have time, in-between working on client projects.

Top-tier SEO work from a lean-mean fighting machine…

“Mago is the ant of technical SEO agencies, lifting 1000x their weight in impactful organic channel results for clients.”
Andy Newhall
Founder, Mention Makers

The perfect balance of career SEOs, Marketing Experts, and Passionate coders and technologists. You won’t find a more passionate group.

Andrew Cilio

Andrew Cilio


Mago SEO Chief Product Officer

Courtney Small

Chief Project Officer

Andrew Bartley, Web Developer @ Mago SEO

Andrew Bartley

Lead Web Developer

Senior SEO Project Manager Kathleen Hoffer

Kathleen Hoffer

Sr. SEO Project Manager

Cassandra Sheller Senior Marketing Strategist

Cassandra Sheller

Sr. Marketing Strategist

Susan Opiyo

Sr. SEO Project Manager

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